Hi my name is Ivan Parigi and I am an enthusiastic of pastry!

... says also the diploma hung on the wall over my head: it was 1983 I was ready to conquer the most demanding palates.

This site is dedicated to me, to you, to us pastry lovers ... and visiting my web site you will find recipes, photos and tutorial of my favorite creation.

I faced the world of gastronomy from different points of view, and - as often happens- life has tested my skills and diverted the path of my professional goals.

... but at 50 years of age I opened that drawer, that we all have, the one full of dreams ... and I decided to realize some of theme!

Starting with small steps, changing my lifestyle and dedicating myself to pastry.

Starting a trip, the kind that lead to discovering places and experiencing adventures ... just like with my motorbike: the savory and sweet thrill of freedom